1. Flight School & Student Guidlines

Learn To Fly Melbourne is committed to offering a supportive learning environment for students to achieve their flight training goals. Learn To Fly Melbourne will endeavour to:

  • Provide a high quality learning environment to support students in reaching their flight training goals;
  • Provide a safe, clean, supportive learning environment for student flight training without discrimination on any level including but not exclusive to religion, sex, age, disability and race;
  • Provide constructive feedback and support to students and an ongoing commitment to success.

Students should endeavour to:

  • Take responsibility for the management of their own individual flight training progression and development;
  • Adhere to Learn To Fly Melbourne’s procedures and policies
  • Represent the school as a responsible ambassador through exemplary conduct on and off flight school;
  • Inform flight instructors or management staff of any concerns or issues as they arise in a timely manner. Constructive feedback can be reported to admin@learntofly.edu.au

Trial Introductory Flight customers are advised to:

  • Wear clothing appropriate for climbing in and out of an aircraft, and closed-toe shoes.
  • Be aware that whilst there are no age restrictions to completing a Trial Introductory Flight, we recommend that participants are at least 10 years of age to be able to enjoy all aspects of the experience.
  • Inform us of any health conditions that may affect safety during the flight prior to completing the booking. We are more than happy to provide recommendations on whether certain medical conditions may potentially affect a customer’s ability to complete or enjoy the experience. Please email bookings@learntofly.edu.au if you are unsure.
  • Be able to communicate in English to a minimum standard of being able to understand instructions and emergency procedures, particularly whilst in flight. We are not able to guarantee that instructors able to communicate in languages other than English will be available.


2. Payment

2.1 Rates and charges are subject to change without notice. For the latest fee schedule please email hello@learntofly.edu.au.

2.2 Learn To Fly Melbourne must receive full payment of all applicable fees prior to the commencement of any booking.

2.3 Learn To Fly Melbourne accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Online website payment
  • Cash on-site
  • EFTPOS – Credit/Debit Card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express (surcharges may apply)
  • SplitIt
  • Bank Transfer
  • For direct deposit payments please use the below details:
    Learn To Fly Melbourne Pty Ltd
    BSB: 032-108
    Account No: 112-684
    Reference for payment:
    Student number or student name
    Please provide the remittance slip (or screenshot of receipt) via email to bookings@learntofly.edu.au once the payment has been made.

3. Booking

3.1 Bookings must be made in advance and can be done so on-site at the front desk, via email to hello@learntofly.edu.au, or over the phone by calling our booking coordinator on 1300 532 768

3.2 Bookings are subject to instructor and aircraft availability. Book early to secure your desired date – weekend dates fill quickly so book early to avoid disappointment.

3.3 Phone lines are open 10am to 6pm.

4. Booking CHANGES & Cancellations

4.1 Learn To Fly Melbourne reserves the right to change or cancel bookings without notice within reason (including but not exclusive to weather conditions, safety concerns, instructor availability, and/or aircraft availability).

4.2 Students and Trial Introductory Flight customers must provide a minimum of 48 hours notice to make any changes to a booking time or date, or to cancel a booking. Changes and/or cancellations within 48 hours of a booking time and date will incur an additional $50 administration fee.

4.3 Changes and/or cancellations of a booking within 24 hours of a booking time and date are not permitted. Where a student or Trial Introductory Flight customer does not show up for their booking without prior notification, they will be deemed a “no-show” and the booking is automatically forfeit with no refund applicable.

4.4 The above change and cancellation policies apply to all student flight and theory bookings, and Trial Introductory Flights.

4.5 Change and cancellation of a booking requests can be made by phone, or by email to hello@learntofly.edu.au

5. Refunds

5.1 No Refund on discounted or sale items.

5.2 Flying Package Refunds (Initiated by Student):

  1. Gift Certificate is not refundable
  2. Applications for course refunds and transfers must be received at least fourteen (14) days prior to the course commencement. No refunds will be issued for requests received after this time.
  3. No refunds or transfers will apply once a course or a flying package has commenced.
  4. Where a refund is requested by a student with more than fourteen (14) days’ notice prior to course commencement, or in the event of a student’s visa application being rejected, all course fees paid will be refunded minus a $350 transaction and administration fee.
  5. Where a refund is requested by a student with less than fourteen (14) days’ notice prior to course commencement, an administration fee of $1,500 will apply, and the remaining balance of course fees paid will be refunded.
  6. Where a student does not commence a course on the agreed start date and subsequently provides notice of withdrawal from the course, no refund is applicable for any fees relating to that study period. Any additional fees that have been paid for future study periods will be refunded.
  7. Where a student commences a course and withdraws during the study period, or where Learn To Fly Melbourne has cause to cancel a student’s enrolment due to breach of policies and procedures, breach of visa conditions, or failure to pay due fees, no refund is applicable for that study period. Any additional fees that have been paid for future study periods will be refunded.
  8. Refunds will be paid to the student or the person who made the payment. Where an enrolment has been facilitated by an education agent, the refund may be paid to the agent.
  9. Payment of a refund application by Learn To Fly Melbourne to the student will cancel a student’s enrolment.
  10. 10. Requests for refunds must be made by email to hello@learntofly.edu.au.

5.3 Flying Package Refunds (Initiated by LTF)

  1. Gift Certificate is not refundable
  2. LTF reserves the right to cancel a course, change the start dates of a course, or change the course program at any time. Where LTF cancels a course prior to its commencement date, all fees and charges paid to LTF will be refunded within fourteen (14) days of the advice of course change.
  3. Where course dates have been changed by LTF, and the new date is unacceptable to the student, all fees paid will be refunded to the student within fourteen (14) of the notice of rescheduling.
  4. Where a course is cancelled by LTF after it has commenced but before the scheduled end date, the balance of fees paid for the portion of the course not yet delivered will be refunded within fourteen (14) days of the notice of cancellation.

5.4 Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) & Trial Introductory Flight Gift Certificate Refunds

  1. Trial Introductory Flight is not refundable.
  2. Trial Introductory Flight Gift Certificate is not refundable.

5.5 Refund Process

  1. Refunds are paid in Australian dollars and will be made via electronic bank transfer.
  2. The request for refund should include preferred bank account details.
  3. Overseas bank transfer will incur an additional fee of $100